T&M implements an Environment Management Systems integrated in the Management System according to which the organization assures client requirements and the applicable regulations.
Among other advantages, it has the possibility of assisting clients which growingly require certified providers, respecting the environment, fulfilling legal regulations, generating stronger confidence among providers and clients.
The work makes it possible to reach a solid environmental behavior, controlling the activities and services impact on the environment.

T&M promotes continuous improvement by strengthening the environmental commitment. For this, we count on personnel specialized in environmental engineering to be able to allocate the necessary knowledge and provide environmental consulting.
T&M has a certified Environmental Management System according to the UNE EN ISO 14001 standard within its Integrated Management System, documented and integrated into the technical and management procedures, to guide the company’s actions environmentally and to assure client satisfaction minimizing environmental impacts.

  • Sed fringilla mauris
    Wind Farm
    Los Cucuros
    57 wind turbine, 102,6 MW
  • Solar farm
    150 MW
  • Sed fringilla mauris
    Wind farm
    39 wind turbine, 89 MW
  • Wind Complex
    Alto Sertão II
    230 wind turbine, 384 MW
  • Wind farm
    Cerro Negro
    8 wind turbine, 16 MW